Karmen MacKendrick | Book Chapters

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Book cover of Toward a Theology of Eros

  • “Haunted by the Future,” in Sexual Disorientations: Queer Temporalities, Affects, Theologies, edited by Kent Brintnall and Joseph Marchal, Fordham University Press, forthcoming 2016
  • “Original Breath,” for Carnal Hermeneutics, ed. Richard Kearney and Brian Treanor, Fordham University Press, 2016
  • “Prayer: Addressing the Name,” in Words: Religious Language Matters, edited by Ernst van den Hemel and Asja Szafraniec, Fordham University Press, 2016
  • “Assent to Thinking,” in Desire, Faith, and the Darkness of God: Essays in Honor of Denys Turner, edited by Eric Bugyis and David Newheiser, University of Notre Dame Press, 2015
  • “Forgiveness as the Opening of the Future,” in Study of Time XIV: Origins and Futures, edited by Christian Steineck and Claudia Clausius, Brill, 2013
  • “Impossible Confessions,” for Material Spirit, edited by Gregoray Stallings, Carl Good and Manuel Asensi, Fordham University Press, 2013
  • “Flesh in Time,” in The Nature Drawings of Peter Karklins, edited by Sean Kirkland, University of Chicago Press for DePaul University Art Museum, 2012
  • “The Hospitality of Listening: A Note on Sacramental Strangeness,” in Phenomenologies of the Stranger, edited by Richard Kearney and Kascha Semonovich, Fordham University Press, 2011

Cover of the book Apophatic Bodies